• TIL 8/19 - Shell keyboard shortcuts


  • TIL 7/10 Using wildcards for quickly moving multiple files

    I needed a quick way to move all of the .sh files in one directory to a new directory so I found the following solution which uses wildcards:

  • Running multiple tests with one command using the API and cURL

    A few weeks ago I discovered the service on Product Hunt and wanted a way to run a single command to test my current organizations production help site for any broken links. (This site is hosted using making traditional automation slightly more tricky)

  • Twilio Wishlist

    I wish that it were possible to append pre-hosted voice attributes on Twilio verbs “out of the box”, specifically the “allowed value” Jar-Jar Binks from the Star Wars universe.

  • TIL: Historic counter variables

    Over the past week I have been picking up C# so that I can better contribute to our front-end automation efforts. Luckily a lot of the Selenium Webdriver syntax is transferable from what I learned and have used with Ruby.

  • Quickly adding and TravisCI to your Rails project

    What you’re going to need:

  • Utilizing Sublime Text via the command line in OS X

    Despite this question having been covered a number of times I figured that I would make a note for myself in the instance that I have to set this up again within a new environment. I also wanted to combine the multiple sources into one post that I found scattered throughout the interwebs.

  • Quick Rails Installation

    For test projects I have been using the following command to install rails in a clean directory much more quickly as it installs without documentation or the Ruby ri tool:

  • Spellcheck for Markdown

    If you’re using Jekyll to blog or just using Markdown files for blogging and want to ensure that you’re not making spelling errors you can do the following:

  • ODOT - Refactoring woes

    I am currently burning through the Rails Treehouse tutorial to brush up on RSpec and noticed the following code written in one of the models:

  • Today I learned 12/22


  • Mobile camera access via web - Test

    Quick test:

  • Github Issues

    I decided on using GitHub issues over both Atlassian JIRA and Pivotal Tracker for maintaining bugs in the MangaBytes web app. I figured that GitHub Issues works for this project because MangaBytes is open source and if anyone wants to contribute they can have at it.

  • The beginning of a simple acceptance test

    I ran across a simple copy verification test case today that was dying to be automated, the following is what I whipped up:

  • Amazon apk - Fire phone

    I had some trouble last week sideloading a native amazon app to our offices Fire Phone so I wanted to share the easiest solution for this installation. Normally with other android devices I add the apk to the root and simply navigate to the file on the phone for installation but it seems the device does not allow for root access.

  • Mangabytes - remaining items

    Remaining tasks for September:

  • Blueimp Bootstrap Image Gallery + Ruby on Rails integration

    I got a working version of the Ruby on Rails and Blueimp Gallery integration after failing to find any tutorial online so I figured i’d share the steps to make the process a lot easier for any of you reading.

  • Blueimp Bootstrap Image Gallery + Rails, Gallery integration

    Now that I have all of my gallery assets in the appropriate folders I went ahead and updated the asset pipeline with ‘require .’ to import all of the files.

  • Blueimp Bootstrap Image Gallery + Rails

    I revived an older rails project that I was working on and found that my bootstrap image gallery was now returning some errors in the console.

  • Current environment on OSX

    Current tools and installations within my environment:

  • Demo day - Mangabytes

    Remaining tasks:

  • Sass - Favorite aspect

    If I was to choose only one aspect of Sass as my favorite it would have to be using @import. Otherwise, from my beginner perspective declaring variable names a color name and using that variable in place of a hex value saves some time and is my runner-up.

  • Git repo - Foundation

    I am running into an issue where I create a new foundation project within a directory that already has an existing git repo. The new foundation project seems to be automatically generating a .git file on creation.

  • Jekyll Liquid Exception Error - Resolved

    When I attempt to run the Jekyll local server I am returning the error:

    Liquid Exception: Included file ‘_includes/JB/setup’ not found in _posts/

  • Test post with Rake

  • Today I Learned 7/21

    Today I learned about the python server existed. We used the command “python -m SimpleHTTPServer” which generated a local server and allowed us to review the data from our JSON file.

  • Jekyll Error - deprecation

    When attempting to run my Jekyll build on my local machine using jekyll –server I returned the following error:

  • JSON Introduction - Video

    This video is an introduction to JSON and assisted in helping me understanding the purpose of the format. The end examples are done using Python.

  • First blog post

    Cześć, jestem Evan Niedojadlo. Miło mi.

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